ACFI personnel include faculty, research staff, and students at UMass Amherst, affiliated faculty and researchers at other institutions (see Partners), the Director, and an Advisory Board.


Benjamin Brau

Associate Professor

Experimental searches for new phenomena, including Hidden Valley scenarios.

LGRT-1040 413-545-0620
Carlo Dallapiccola


Experimental searches for new phenomena, including microscopic black holes.

LGRT-1038 413-545-0994
John Donoghue

Distinguished Professor

Particle physics theory, effective field theory and quantum field theory in general, General Relativity, cosmology, exotic new physics beyond the standard model.

LGRT 1127C 413-545-2540
Patrick Draper

Assistant Professor

Theoretical high energy physics

LGRT 425 413-545-2402
Eugene Golowich

Professor Emeritus

Theoretical High Energy Physics

LGRT.1127D 413.545.6331
Barry Holstein

Professor Emeritus

Theoretical High Energy Physics

LGRT 428 413-545-0320
David Kastor

Associate Head/Senior Lecturer

Classical and Quantum Gravity and String Theory

LGRT-1132 413-545-0545
David Kawall

Associate Professor

LGRT-417B 413-545-2019
Krishna Kumar


Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics, Tests of Fundamental Symmetries and Conservation Laws, Precision Tests of the Standard Model, Novel Probes of the QCD Structure of the Nucleon

LGRT-421 (413) 545-1310
Rory Miskimen

Professor, Head of Department

LGRT-417C and LGRT 1126 413-545-2480 and 545-1940
Gerald Peterson

Professor Emeritus

Experimental Nuclear Physics

LGRT 417 413-545-2008
Photo of Andrea Pocar
Andrea Pocar

Assistant Professor & Assistant Director, Amherst Center for Fundamental Interactions

Experimental particle astrophysics

LGRT-418 413-545-2011
Michael Ramsey-Musolf

Professor & Director, Amherst Center for Fundamental Interactions

Theoretical physics at the interface of nuclear physics, high energy physics, and cosmology: baryogenesis; physics beyond the Standard Model; fundamental symmetries; dark matter; electroweak symmetry breaking; collider phenomenology; quantum chromodynamics; effective field theories

LGRT.416 413.545.0320
Lorenzo Sorbo

Associate Professor

Interface of Cosmology and Physics Beyond the Standard Model, with particular emphasis on inflation, together with General Relativity and its possible low energy modifications.

LGRT 417C 413-545-1761
Jennie Traschen


Classical and Quantum Gravity

LGRT 1127E 413.545.1974
Photo of Stephane Willocq
Stephane Willocq


Experimental searches for new phenomena, including contact interactions.

LGRT-1042 413-545-0525

Ph.D. Scientists

Massimiliano Bellomo

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Photo of James Clark
James Clark

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Gravitational waves, LIGO

LGRT 932 545-0320
Timothy Daniels LGRT 423 545-0586
Rozmin Daya CERN
Kaori Fuyuto

Postdoctoral Research Associate


LGRT 424 (413) 545-0511
Edward Moyse

Research Scientist

Alexander Mushkarenkov

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Hiren Patel

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Baryogenesis, precision electroweak physics, effective field theory, computational physics, and quantum field theory in general

LGRT 422 (413) 545-0485
Photo of Elisa Pueschel
Elisa Pueschel

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Nicholas Saylor

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Experimental Nuclear Physics
Daniel Ventura

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Peter Winslow

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am broadly interested in particle physics beyond the standard model and its implications for cosmology, with particular emphasis on collider phenomenology, dark matter and the origin of the cosmic matter-antimatter asymmetry.

LGRT 424 545-0511
Jiang-Hao Yu

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Higgs Boson physics: theoretical issues in Higgs sector addressing nature of Higgs boson, such as little hierarchy, vacuum stability, electroweak phase transition, and probing Higgs potential at future colliders
Collider phenomenology: collider constraints and new collider signatures in various extensions of the Standard Model
Particle cosmology: particularly the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry, nature of dark matter, and axion/neutrino cosmology

LGRT 422 (413) 545-0485


Thomas Alexander

Graduate Student

Experimental particle astrophysics

LGRT 936
N. Sadeera Bandara

Graduate Student

Off Campus
Nathan Bernard

Graduate Student

LGRT 1130 545-0820
Basem El-Menoufi

Graduate Student

LGRT 1130
Benjamin Ett

Graduate Student

Classical Gravity

LGRT 1130 545-0559
Huaike Guo

Graduate Student

Current interests are Collider physics phenomenology, CP violation, Baryogenesis with an emphasis on Physics Beyond the Standard Model. Also once worked on Heavy Quarkonium Physics.

LGRT 426 608-320-7689
Daniel Hoak

Graduate Student

Gravitational waves

LIGO 545-0430
Sereres Johnston

Graduate Student

Experimental Nuclear Physics

LGRT 348
Photo of John Karlen
John Karlen

Undergraduate '13

Gravitational waves

Tyler Kutz

Graduate Student

LGRT 340
Photo of Maxim Lakin
Maxim Lakin

Graduate Student

Off Campus
Alexander Lombardi

Graduate Student

Gravitational waves

LGRT 936
Photo of Jessica McIver
Jessica McIver

Graduate Student

Gravitational waves

LGRT 936 545-0430
Photo of Keith Otis
Keith Otis

Graduate Student

Experimental particle astrophysics

LGRT 936 545-0430
Preema Pais

Graduate Student

LGRT 1036
Ali Rajabi

Graduate Student

LGRT 344
Chien Yeah Seng

Graduate Student

Non-perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics and its applications in hadronic and nuclear physics

LGRT 426
Juliana Stachurska

Graduate Student

Gravitational waves

LGRT 314
Megan Talley

Graduate Student

LGRT 936
Photo of Tulin Varol
Tulin Varol

Graduate Student

Jonathan Wexler

Graduate Student

LGRT 348 545-0404


Photo of Professor William Loinaz
William Loinaz

Professor, Amherst College

Theoretical particle physics; neutrino physics; electroweak symmetry breaking

223 Merrill Science Center (413) 542-7968
Photo of Cetin Senturk
Cetin Senturk

Visiting Research Scientist

General Relativity, Gravitation, Black Hole Physics

LGRT 1130

Advisory Board

Martin Beneke

Technical U. Munich

Robert Bernstein


Alessandra Buonanno

U. Maryland

Vincenzo Cirigliano

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Geoff Greene

U. Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Eva Halkiadakis

Rutgers U.

John Hardy

Texas A & M U.

Wick Haxton

U.C. Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Karsten Heeger

Yale U.

David Hertzog

U. Washington

JoAnne Hewett


Scott Hughes


David Lowe

Brown U.

Robert McKeown

Jefferson Laboratory/William & Mary

Gail McLaughlin

North Carolina State U.

Larry McLerran

Institute for Nuclear Theory/U. Washington

Stefano Profumo

U.C. Santa Cruz

Kate Scholberg

Duke U.

Shufang Su

U. Arizona

Mark Wise