Hadronic Parity Violation

Hadronic Parity Violation
Jared Vanasse, UMass
Date and time: Tue, Apr 24, 2012 - 12:15pm
Category: Fundamental Interactions Informal Talk
For 50 years the field of hadronic parity violation has been unresolved. Since the 1980's the standard theoretical framework for hadronic parity violation has been the DDH (Desplanques, Donoghue, and Holstein) model. However discrepancies between the DDH model and experiment have called the use of this model into question. At low energies a new model independent analysis of hadronic parity violation can be carried out via pionless effective field theory. With the use of pionless effective field theory and new precision experiments the field of hadronic parity violation at low energies will finally be understood. This talk will give an overview of the different existing formalisms for hadronic parity-violation and how at low energies they are connected. Then we will go on to show how the amplitudes for low energy parity-violating neutron deuteron scattering are calculated in pionless effective field theory. Finally putting all these pieces together we will present our and other predictions for the spin rotation of a neutron through a deuterium target, and asses the feasibility of this experiment as a possible probe of hadronic parity-violation.