Loop neutrino masses from d=7 operators

Loop neutrino masses from d=7 operators
Juan Carlos Helo, Valparaiso
Photo of Juan Carlos Helo
Date and time: Tue, Oct 03, 2017 - 2:30pm
Location: LGRT 419B
Category: ACFI Seminar

We discuss the generation of neutrino masses from dimension seven  1-loop diagrams. We systematically analyse all possible d=7 1-loop topologies. There is a total of 48 topologies, but only 8 of them can lead to "genuine" d=7 neutrino masses. Here, we define genuine models to be models in which neither d=5 nor d=7 tree level masses nor a d=5 1-loop mass appear, such that d=7 loop is the leading order contribution to the neutrino masses. We organize these models according to their particle content. We find there is only one diagram with no representation larger than triplet while there are 22 diagrams with quadruplets. We discuss two minimal examples discussing possible future LNV searches at LHC consisting in leptons and gauge bosons with high multiplicity, such us 4l+4W, 6l+2W.