Recent PhD Degrees: Drs Dias, Mohapatra and Aydemir

Publication date: Wed, Jul 04, 2012 - 12:15pm
Congratulations to our most recent PhDs! Good luck to Ufuk, Marcelo and Satya in his future career.

Ufuk Aydemir successfully defended his thesis "Topics in High Energy Physics Beyond the Standard Model" on July 18. His work was advised by Prof. John Donoghue.



Satya Mohapatra successfully defended his thesis "Searches for gravitational waves from binary black hole coalescences with ground-based laser interferometers across a wide parameter space" on July 13. His work was advised by Prof. Laura Cadonati.



Marcelo Dias successfully defended his thesis "Swelling and Folding as Mechanisms of 3D Shape Formation in Thin Elastic Sheets" on June 19. His work was advised by Prof. Chris Santangelo.