Prof Andrea Pocar's group instrumental in new results from Darkside-50

Publication date: Tue, Feb 27, 2018 - 10:00am
The Darkside-50 detector

An essential component of the Darkside-50 detector built at UMass by Prof. Andrea Pocar's group with a number of UMass undergraduates has led to a better-than-expected sensitivity for the detection of light WIMP dark matter (1-10 GeV mass), and a demonstration of a robust, background-free measurement in the 'standard' massive WIMP regime (0.1-10 TeV).  UMass graduate student Alissa Monte contributed to numerous analysis items that made these measurements possible. The results are presented in three new papers from the Darkside collaboration, and featured in a piece on UMass News. A second UMass News piece highlights UMass contributions to the quest for Dark Matter.