Research Opportunities for Graduate Students 2007

Presentations from the 2007 Symposium on Research Opportunities for Graduate Students
Feb. 2, 2007

Experimental Nuclear Physics at UMass
David Kawall, Rory Miskimen, and Krishna Kumar (ppt)
Exploring Physics at the TeV Scale: the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider
Stephane Willocq, Carlo Dallapiccola, and Guy Blaylock (ppt)
General Relativity and High Energy Physics
Lorenzo Sorbo, Jennie Traschen, John Donoghue, Barry Holstein, Eugene Golowich, and David Kastor (ppt)
Searching for Gravitational Waves with LIGO
Laura Cadonati (ppt with movie)
Physical Biology
Murugappan Muthukumar (Polymer Science and Engineering) (ppt with movie)
Biophysics of Microtubules and Molecular Motors
Jennifer Ross (ppt with movie)
Using Geometry to Understand Soft Materials
Christian Santangelo (ppt)
Nonequilibrium Physics: Pattern Formation and Dynamics of Soft Matter
Benny Davidovitch (ppt)
Experiments on Nonequilibrium Systems
Narayanan Menon (ppt)
Statistical Mechanics of Colloids, Vesicles, Emulsions, Suspended Nanoparticles
Anthony Dinsmore (ppt with movie)
Statistical Physics of Complex and Disordered Systems
Jonathan Machta (ppt)
Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of Functional Nanomaterials
Marc Achermann (ppt)
Nanoscale Magnetics, Electronics and Photonics
Mark Tuominen (ppt)
Experimental Granular and Soft Condensed Matter. Quantum Fluids at Very Low Temperatures
Donald Candela (ppt)
Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena in Nanomagnets and SQUIDs
Jonathan Friedman (Amherst College) (ppt)
Nonlinear Waves in Atomic and Optical Physics
Panos Kevrekidis (Mathematics and Statistics) (ppt)
Quantum Fluids and Solids
Robert Hallock (Tate Wilson ) (ppt)
Novel Quantum Fluids: from Bose Condensates to the Projected Liquid Metallic State of Hydrogen
Egor Babaev (ppt)
Exotic States of Quantum Matter
Nikolay Prokof'ev and Boris Svistunov (ppt)