Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Physics majors are strongly encouraged to participate in research activities in the Department. Below is an (incomplete) list of ongoing projects involving undergraduates. For past years, see also:


Supervisor: Cadonati
Student: Zach Nemtzow
Characterization of a chirplet-based search algorithm for binary black hole coalescences in LIGO data.
Supervisor: Cadonati
Student: John Karlen
Parameter estimation for gravitational wave bursts.
Supervisor: Cadonati
Students: Sarah Zuraw, Nick Mangini
Detectability studies for astrophysical signatures in LIGO.
Supervisors: Cadonati & Pocar
Students: Alex Nemtzow, Kirsten Randle
Data analysis for the DarkSide dark matter detector.
Supervisors: Cadonati & Pocar
Student: Gary Forster
GEANT4 Montecarlo simulations for the DarkSide dark matter detector.
Supervisors: Cadonati & Pocar
Student: John Howard
Data analysis for the BOREXINO solar neutrino experiment.
Supervisor: Dallapiccola
Student: Colleen Treado
Investigating the prospects for discovery of black holes produced by proton-antiproton collisions at the LHC.
Supervisor: Dallapiccola
Student: Alex Chippendale
Studies of backgrounds to the search for micro black holes at the LHC.
Supervisor: Dinsmore
Student: Ryan Horton
Assembly of Large-Area Uniform Films Composed of Micro-Particles.
Supervisor: Dinsmore
Student: Isaac Vega
Charged Granular Media: How a Net Charge Causes Cohesion.
Supervisor: Hallock
Student: Dylan Lovinger
Temperature Dependence of Diffusion of Gaseous Helium through Common Epoxies and Study of the Suppression of the Lambda Transition in Helium in Porous Media .
Supervisor: Kilfoil
Student: Maxim Ivanov
Mechanical studies of tension-gated pore proteins in yeast.
Supervisor: Menon
Student: Kevin Cunningham
Gas diffusion through ultra thin polymer films.
Supervisor: Miskimen
Student: Fabian Ahmed
Testing flash-ADC VME based electronics for the Jefferson Lab Hall D project.
Supervisor: Miskimen
Student: Eric Lee
Developing an active-scintillating polarized proton target for use in low-energy photo-nuclear experiments.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Josh Bonatt
UV light reflectivity studies for DarkSide and EXO.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Chris Dunay
Design and assembly of xenon scintillation light sources for EXO.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Monica Harrelson
Development of a xenon irradiation cell for Cs-136 production.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Mark Lodato
Design of a xenon liquefaction system for EXO R&D.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Cameron Mackeen
Characterization of a cryogenic Avalanche Photodiode test setup.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Kelly Malone
Characterization of a NaI detector for gamma rays.
Supervisor: Ross
Student: Soren Hough
Susing DNA to construct kinesin motor multimer cargos.
Supervisor: Ross
Student: Victoria Porter
Kinesin motor driven microtubule organization.
Supervisor: Santangelo
Student: Kyle Vanderverf
Simulations of elastic and fluid interfaces.
Supervisor: Sternheim
Student: Stephanie Ann Stoudenmire
Atmospheric particulate measurements.
Supervisor: Tuominen
Student: Ian Brown
Vortex dynamics and statistics in a bilayer superconducting system.
Supervisor: Tuominen
Student: Tom MacRae
Development of a deposition system for thin-film superconducting devices.
Supervisor: Tuominen
Student: Carolyn Earnest
Physics of a superconducting single-electron trap device.
Supervisor: Willocq
Student: Donnie Kim
Studies of high-pT muon performance with the ATLAS detector.
Supervisor: Willocq
Student: Russell Smith
Search of Large Extra Dimensions in dimuon events at the LHC.