2008-2009 Undergraduate Research

Supervisor: Marc Achermann
Student: David Ouellette
Implementation of an optical autocorrelator to measure femtosecond laser pulses, including optical setup, electronics for the detection system and measurements; laser setup to induce local heat shocks in fish embryos.
Supervisor: Marc Achermann
Student: Peter Mistark
Optical characterization of metal films with hole and disk arrays
Supervisor: Marc Achermann
Student: Daniel Brosnan
Setup of the scanning and feedback system of a near-field scanning optical microscope
Supervisor: Tony Dinsmore
Student: Matthew Gratale
Measuring the shape of a crumpled spherical shell
Supervisor: Tony Dinsmore
Student: David Lawrence
Temperature-swellable, semi-permeable capsules by self assembly
Supervisor: Tony Dinsmore
Student: Timothy Prisk
Measuring the contact forces at the bottom of droplet piles
Supervisor: Gene Golowich
Student: Eoin Moore
Honors thesis on Physics at the LHC, detailing how the Large Hadron Collider would operate as a data-collecting machine, and discussions of theoretical issues relevant to possible LHC discoveries.
Supervisor: Bob Hallock
Student: Silvia Ionescu
Studies of thermal conductivity at low temperature
Supervisor: Bob Hallock
Student: Ruary Layton
Properties of aluminum films
Supervisor: Bob Hallock
Student: Kyle Thompson
Senior thesis on disordered surfaces
Supervisor: David Kawall
Student: Drew von Maluski
Development of a High Finesse Scanning Confocal Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Supervisor: Jon Machta
Student: Eric Miller
Diffusion limited aggregation on a curved surface using computer simulations.
Supervisor: Rory Miskimen
Student: John Barrett
Measuring the spin-polarizabilities of the proton: designing a scintillating, polarized proton target and sensitivity studies of the cross sections to the polarizabilities
Supervisor: Rory Miskimen
Student: William Barnes
Building an experiment for the Intermediate Lab to observe the quantum entanglement of two gamma rays
Supervisor: Monroe Rabin
Student: Huai-Ti Lin
Independent study on nerve conduction, with an honors thesis on a method to measure mammalian locomotion.
Supervisor: Mark Tuominen
Student: John DeBardeleben
Research on proton transport through nanopores
Supervisor: Mark Tuominen
Student: Yitzi Calm
Development of nano education video/animation modules;
research on arrays of nanomagnets
Supervisor: Stephane Willocq
Student: Mikhail Orkrochkov
The analysis of simulated Technicolor events in ATLAS
Supervisor: Stephane Willocq
Student: Jaime Hopkins
The analysis of simulated top-quark events in ATLAS, and muon reconstruction performance with the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer