2010-2011 Undergraduate Research

Supervisor: Cadonati
Student: Alex Lombardi
Studies of seismic upconversion and data stability in the Enhanced LIGO data run.
Supervisor: Cadonati
Student: Zach Nemtzow
Characterization of a chirplet-based search algorithm for binary black hole coalescences in LIGO data.
Supervisor: Cadonati
Students: Bryna Brooks, Jamie Budynkiewicz
Data quality and characterization for the LIGO gravitational wave detectors.
Supervisors: Cadonati & Pocar
Students: Alex Nemtzow, Gary Forster
GEANT4 Montecarlo simulations for the DarkSide dark matter detector.
Supervisors: Cadonati & Pocar
Student: John Howard
Data analysis for the BOREXINO solar neutrino experiment.
Supervisors: Cadonati & Pocar
Student: John Quirk
Data analysis for the BOREXINO solar neutrino experiment: mitigation of 11C background with multivariate analysis techniques.
Supervisor: Dallapiccola
Student: Colleen Treado
Investigating the prospects for discovery of black holes produced by proton-antiproton collisions at the LHC.
Supervisor: Dinsmore
Student: Ben Bromberg
Structure formation and interactions in charged granular media.
Supervisor: Dinsmore
Student: Brandon Hoover
Charged Granular Materials.
Supervisor: Hallock
Student: Dylan Lovinger
(1) Measuring the leakage of helium gas though epoxy as a function of temperature (and pressure gradient) from 77K to room temp, (2) measuring the flow of liquid helium through porous materials (Vycor, packed rouge) as a function of temperature and pressure from about 1.4K to 2.2K and 1 to 24 bar, and (3) obtaining TEM images of small diameter rouge powders, one of the porous materials.
Supervisor: Kilfoil
Student: Ari Katz
Stepping of the cargo-acarrying motor dynein from single molecule TIRF microscopy experiments.
Supervisor: Kilfoil
Student: Joshua Yi, Maxim Ivanov
Mechanics of a model for cell cytoskeleton: Microrheology of a composite of actin-microtubule-intermediate filaments.
Supervisor: Kilfoil
Student: Emmanuel Owusu
Measuring the motions of single cell mitotic spindle and chromosome dynamics in living budding yeast cells in 3D at subpixel resolution.
Supervisor: Miskimen
Student: Fabian Ahmed
Development of a Field Programmable Gate Array based trigger to be used with a Solid-State photomultiplier with high speed ADC readout.
Supervisor: Miskimen
Student: Eric Lee
Polarized proton target for photo-nuclear experiments based on active scintillators.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Josh Bonatt
Study of reflectivity characteristics of VUV light from PTFE for EXO and DarkSide R&D.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Tyler DeMarco
Design and engineering drawings of a radon counter for material screening.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Ian Douglas
Investigation of GPU processing capabilities for particle physics.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Chris Dunay
Development of xenon scintillation flashers for EXO R&D.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Mark Lubin
GEANT4 simulations for EXO-200.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Cameron Mackeen
EXO-200 simulations and work on an avalanche photodiode test setup for EXO R&D.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Kelly Malone
Development of a LabVIEW-based DAQ for laboratory particle detectors.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Alexa Villaume
Read out system for a an avalanche photodiode test setup for EXO R&D.
Supervisor: Pocar
Student: Josh Wagner
Cooling system for an avalanche photodiode test setup for EXO R&D.
Supervisor: Ross
Student: Nathalie Fadel
Studies of microtubule mechanics.
Supervisor: Traschen
Student: Theodore Patrick Ansbacher-Hunt
Gravitational Tension of Black Strings in AdS.
Supervisor: Traschen
Student: Adam Krellenstein
Localized Kaluza-Klein masses with finite tension.