How to Configure Thunderbird for UMass Physics

The UMass Physics Department recommends using Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client.

One can download Thunderbird at:

To configure Thunderbird:

Click the download Thunderbird button
Select: save to disk
Go to the saved location and double click on the Thunderbird icon to install.

The first time Thunderbird is launched the account wizard should start.

Note: If you are asked if you want to import account settings, address books or other data click on "don't import anything" then click next, to import already existing local folders, under tools > options you can import your addressbooks and existing local mail.

Check the email button then click next.

In the box "your name", enter your name, this is the name that will appear in your outgoing messages.

In the box "email address": enter your UMass email address.

Click next.

Select IMAP for the incoming server

In the box "incoming server" enter: mail-? where ? is the first letter of your OIT account user name. For example,if your address is smith@physics then the selection is:

In the box "outgoing server" enter:

Click next.

In the box "User name", enter your OIT account user name in both the incoming and outgoing username boxes.

Click next.

In the box "Account Name", enter a name for your account. (e.g.: UMass Email)

Click next.

Verify your information.

Click finish.

Click yes to have Thunderbird as your default mail.

In the Thunderbird main window, go to: Tools > Account Settings...

In the account settings window click on Server Settings in left panel area.

Under Security Settings select SSL (default is "never") and the port number should automatically change to be 993.

Click OK.

Your mail should now work.

Other recommended enhancements to Thunderbird:

In the Thunderbird main window, go to Tools > Options...

Click on Composition

Click on the General tab

In the pull down menu for forward messages select inline. (note the default is attachment)

Click on Attachments tab

Check ask me where to save every file

Click on Advanced tab

Click on the Update tab

Check: "automatically download and install the update".

Click OK.

If you have any problems with Thunderbird contact: