Visitor Access to the Physics Network

The UMass Physics Department offers unlimited hard-wired and wireless network services.

Visitor information

If a visitor needs temporary wireless or hardwire access to the UMass Physics network, this person can access the network via one of two ways.

  1. For visitors to the Department for more than one day, get the hardware address of the visitors wireless card, send to for addition. It is best if this can be done before the person arrives.
  2. For a connection of one day or less, there are six IP addresses that can be used. These IP addresses are not to be used by visitors for more than a single day.



Netmask (same for both buildings):
Gateway for Hasbrouck:
Gateway for LGRT:
Name server for Hasbrouck:
Name server for LGRT:

Please note that IP addresses are monitored for usage and unauthorized use will be noticed and terminated.