Seminars & Colloquia

Condensed Matter Seminar
Thu, Jan 23 11:15am Anti-ferromagnetic Potts model in two dimensions
Youjin Deng, University of Science and Technology, Hefei
Thu, Jan 30 11:15am Low-Dimensional Superfluidity
Adrian Del Maestro, University of Vermont
Thu, Feb 6 11:15am Universal models for large-scale coherent flow structures in turbulence
Eric Brown, Yale University Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Thu, Feb 13 11:15am The Search For Inhomogeneous Superconductivity In Organic Superconductors
Charles Agosta, Clark University Dept. of Physics
Thu, Feb 20 11:15am The Initial Dynamics of Droplet Impact
Shmuel Rubinstein, Harvard University School of Eng. and Applied Sciences
Thu, Feb 27 11:15am Phonons, Phonons Everywhere: Thermal Transport in Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices
Zlatan Aksamija, UMass, Amherst, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Thu, Mar 13 11:15am Self-assembly of Smectic Liquid Crystals and Colloidal Particles Confined by Polymer Micropillar Arrays
Shu Yang, Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Eng. and Applied Science
Thu, Mar 27 11:15am Organizing the bacterial chromosome for division
Chase Broedersz, Princeton University
Thu, Apr 3 11:15am The Ugly, the Fluid, and the Elastic: Short Stories on Particle Self-Assembly
Angelo Cacciuto, Columbia University Dept. of Chemistry
Thu, Apr 10 11:15am Superfluid atom circuits
Gretchen Campbell, NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory
Thu, Apr 17 11:15am Dynamics of topological defects in ferromagnets
Oleg Tchernyshyov, Johns Hopkins University
Kirill Bolotin, Vanderbilt University Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Departmental Colloquium
Wed, Jan 29 4:00pm Bloch, Landau, and Dirac: Hofstadter's Butterfly in Graphene
Philip Kim, Columbia University
Fri, Jan 31 4:00pm A needle in a (cold) haystack

Andrea Pocar, University of Massachusetts
Mon, Feb 10 4:00pm Small, Slow, and Sour: how single-molecule-sensitive spectroscopy elucidates and exploits the attodroplet environment
Lori Goldner, University of Massachusetts
Wed, Feb 12 4:00pm Following the Water on Mars, Roving with Curiosity
Bethany Ehlmann, California Institute of Technology
Wed, Feb 26 4:00pm IceCube and the Discovery of High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos
Francis Halzen, University of Wisconsin
Wed, Mar 12 4:00pm Neutrinos in the Laboratory, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
A. Baha Balantekin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wed, Mar 26 4:00pm Solar Neutrinos and the Planets
Wick Haxton, University of California, Berkeley
Wed, Apr 2 4:00pm Confronting the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider
Joao Guimaraes da Costa, Harvard University
Wed, Apr 16 4:00pm Bioimaging at the nanoscale -- Single-molecule and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
Xiaowei Zhuang, Harvard University
Fundamental Interactions Informal Talk
Fri, Feb 28 2:00pm EPR = ER
Gene Golowich, UMass Amherst
Fri, Mar 28 2:00pm Preparing to analyze Advanced LIGO data: from detectors to first observations
Jessica McIver, UMass Amherst
Tue, Apr 22 2:30pm Searching for pp Solar Neutrinos with Borexino
Keith Otis, UMASS Amherst
ACFI Seminar
Tue, Feb 18 2:30pm A Z' for dark matter at the LHC
Dave Tucker-Smith, Williams College
Fri, Feb 21 2:00pm Searching for Stop Squarks using Vector Boson Fusion
Matt Buckley, Rutgers University
Tue, Feb 25 2:30pm A Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation in Muon-Electron Conversion with a Sensitivity < 10^{-16}
Bob Bernstein, Fermilab
Tue, Mar 4 2:30pm Scattering coefficients from Monodromies
Maria J Rodriguez, Harvard University
Tue, Apr 1 2:30pm Nucleon $g_2$ Spin Structure Function at Large Bjorken $x$ , Quark-Gluon Correlations and Color Forces
Zein-Eddine Meziani, Temple University
Fri, Apr 4 2:00pm Results of the first underground run of the LUX dark matter experiment
Carter Hall, University of Maryland
Fri, Apr 18 2:00pm Latest results on SUSY searches from CMS
Eva Halkiadakis, Rutgers University
Mon, Apr 21 2:00pm Jet physics with heavy ions at RHIC and the LHC
Ivan Vitev, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fri, Apr 25 2:00pm The Amazing Electron and Its Moments: Most Stringent Tests of the Standard Model and Proposed Extensions
Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard University
Tue, Apr 29 2:30pm Searches for New Exotic Phenomena in Hadronic Final States at ATLAS
Antonio Boveia, University of Chicago