Seminars & Colloquia

Condensed Matter Seminar
Thu, Feb 5 11:30am Quantum soft matter in ultracold atomic systems
Sarang Golapakrishnan, Harvard University
Thu, Feb 12 11:30am Correlation meets topology: aspects electronic interactions in Dirac systems
Bitan Roy, University of Maryland
Thu, Feb 19 11:30am TBA
Stefan Natu, JQI at the University of Maryland
Thu, Feb 26 11:30am TBA
Gang Chen, University of Toronto
Thu, Mar 12 11:30am Design principles for heterogeneous materials synthesis : Lessons from biology
Arvind Murugan, Harvard University
Thu, Mar 26 11:30am TBA
Gia-Wei Chern, LANL
Thu, Apr 2 11:30am TBA
Lea Santos, Yeshiva University
Departmental Colloquium
Wed, Apr 1 4:00pm TBA
Ned Seeman, New York University
Fundamental Interactions Informal Talk
Fri, Mar 27 2:00pm Using energy conditions to rule out exotic spacetimes
Eleni Kontou, Tufts University
ACFI Seminar
Fri, Jan 30 2:15pm On the Annihilation of WIMPs
Matthew Baumgart, Carnegie Mellon University
Tue, Feb 3 2:30pm Dark Matter in the Age of Data
Matthew Buckley, Rutgers University
Fri, Feb 6 2:15pm Systematic development of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory
Michael Trott, Niels Bohr Institute
Tue, Feb 10 2:30pm New Insights into Cosmic Abundances of Matter and Related Phenomenology
Yanou Cui, Perimeter Institute