Seminars & Colloquia

ACFI Seminar
Fri, Jan 22 2:15pm Chiral-Scale Perturbation Theory and the Renormalization Group
Rod Crewther, U. Adelaide
Fri, Feb 12 2:15pm Searching for Dark Matter with Noble Liquids
Richard Saldanha, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, U. Chicago
Fri, Feb 19 2:15pm The role of neutrons in advancing searches for neutrinoless double beta decay
Joshua Albert, Indiana University
Tue, Feb 23 2:30pm Going Deep to Unveil the Nature of Neutrinos and Dark Matter
Kyungeun Lim, Yale University
Fri, Feb 26 2:15pm The Search for Dark Matter with the PICO Experiment
Guillaume Giroux, Queen's University
Tue, Mar 1 2:30pm Pushing noble liquids to new limits: dark matter detection in xenon and superfluid helium
Scott Hertel, UC Berkeley
Fri, Mar 4 2:15pm DAMIC: a direct dark matter search with CCDs
Alvaro Chavarria, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, U. of Chicago
Tue, Mar 8 2:30pm Advanced bolometers for neutrino-less double beta decay and light-WIMP dark matter searches
Raul Hennings-Yeomans, UC Berkeley
Tue, Apr 19 2:30pm Precision measurement of the neutral pion radiative width in PrimEx experiment. Future Primakoff experiments at Jefferson Lab
Ilya Larin, Old Dominion University
Tue, Apr 26 2:30pm Numerical Relativity for Cosmology: doing the non-linear physics for a non-linear problem
Tom Giblin, Kenyon College