Seminars & Colloquia

ACFI Seminar
Tue, Sep 6 2:30pm Higgs and Light Quarks
Yoram Soreq, MIT
Tue, Sep 20 2:30pm p-wave Annihilating Dark Matter and the Galactic Center Gamma Ray Excess
Jonathan Cornell, McGill
Tue, Sep 27 2:30pm The Cosmological Constant Problem in Scalar Gravity
Prateek Agrawal, Harvard University
Tue, Oct 4 2:30pm Rebels of the Standard Model: Majorana Neutrinos and the Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay
Lindley Winslow, MIT
Fri, Oct 7 2:15pm Electroweak precision tests at future e+e- colliders
Ayres Freitas, University of Pittsburgh
Fri, Oct 14 2:15pm Relaxed Inflation
Walter Tangarife, Tel Aviv University
Tue, Oct 18 2:30pm The infinite-dimensional symmetries of the black hole horizon
Gaston Giribet,
Tue, Oct 25 2:30pm Resonant Di-Higgs Production in the bbWW Channel: Probing the Electroweak Phase Transition at the LHC
Luca Pernie, TAMU
Fri, Nov 4 2:15pm TBA
Felix Yu, Mainz
Tue, Nov 8 2:30pm TBA (LHCb)
Brian Hamilton, University of Maryland
Tue, Nov 15 2:30pm TBA
Dmitrij Siemens, Ruhr U.