Seminars & Colloquia

ACFI Seminar
Fri, Sep 25 2:15pm Search for Higgs Bosons produced in association with top quarks with the ATLAS detector
Vivek Jain, SUNY Albany
Tue, Sep 29 2:30pm D-brane gauge fields
Ian McArthur, University of Western Australia
Tue, Oct 13 2:30pm Vacuum Energy Sequestering
David Stefanyszyn, University of Nottingham
Fri, Oct 16 2:30pm Dark Matter Detections in Photons Split by a Million in Energy: Interpretations of X-ray lines and Gamma-ray Bumps
Kevork Abazajian, UC Irvine
Fri, Oct 23 2:30pm Search for new physics in the low MET monophoton channel with the CMS Detector
Toyoko Orimoto, Northeastern University
Tue, Oct 27 2:30pm Black Rings in Supergravity
Zhibai Zhang, CUNY
Tue, Nov 3 2:30pm Flooded Dark Matter and S Level Rise
Jakub Scholtz, Harvard
Tue, Nov 10 2:30pm Results from the Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of 130Te with CUORE-0
Jonathan Ouellet, MIT
Fri, Nov 20 2:30pm Natural Theories with Colorless Top Partners
Gustavo Burdman, University of Sao Paulo
Tue, Nov 24 2:30pm Addressing the LHCb anomalies with a non-universal Z'
Javier Fuentes Martin, IFIC, Valencia
Fri, Dec 4 2:30pm Calibrating the Sun: The MuSun Experiment
Robert Carey, Boston University