Seminars & Colloquia

ACFI Seminar
Mon, Jan 23 3:00pm Searches for top squark pair production with the CMS detector
Pieter Everaerts, CERN
Tue, Jan 24 2:30pm Nuclear physics for beyond-the-Standard-Model searches
Martin Hoferichter, Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington
Thu, Jan 26 4:00pm Exploring the low mass frontier in dark matter direct detection
Tongyan Lin, LBNL and Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics
Fri, Jan 27 3:00pm Searching for Long-Lived Supersymmetric Particles with the ATLAS Experiment
Laura Jeanty, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mon, Jan 30 2:00pm Testing Quantum Gravity via the Weak Gravity Conjecture
Ben Heidenreich, Perimeter Institute
Tue, Jan 31 3:30pm Using dileptons to search for new symmetries at the LHC
Wojtek Fedorko, University of British Columbia
Wed, Feb 1 3:00pm Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Lattice QCD
Evan Berkowitz, Insitut fur Kernphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Mon, Feb 6 3:00pm Studying weakly-interacting particles at colliders with Recursive Jigsaw Reconstruction
Christopher Rogan, Harvard University
Tue, Feb 7 2:30pm New strategies for baryogenesis and dark matter
David McKeen, University of Pittsburgh
Fri, Feb 10 1:30pm Probing new physics at high and low energy
Emanuele Mereghetti, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fri, Feb 10 3:00pm Di-Higgs at the LHC: Current Status and Future Prospects
John Alison, University of Chicago
Tue, Feb 14 2:30pm Exploring beyond the Standard Model with Lattice QCD
Amy Nicholson, University of California, Berkeley
Tue, Feb 14 3:30pm The Mining of Black Holes
Adam Brown, Stanford University
Thu, Feb 16 4:00pm Scattering in Quantum Gravity and the Conformal Bootstrap
Eric Perlmutter, Princeton University
Tue, Feb 21 2:30pm The Early Universe as a Probe of Fundamental Physics
Marco Drewes, Technical University of Munich
Wed, Feb 22 3:00pm QCD input to nuclear double-beta decays
Zoreh Davoudi, MIT
Thu, Feb 23 4:00pm Hidden Sectors and New Signatures
David Curtin, University of Maryland
Mon, Feb 27 2:00pm Is there room for CP violation in the Higgs sector?
Jordy de Vries, NIKHEF
Tue, Mar 7 2:30pm Strongly correlated dynamics through a gravitational lens
Paul Chesler, Harvard University
Fri, Apr 7 2:30pm Ricochet (a neutrino experiment in three courses)
Joe Formaggio, MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Thu, Apr 13 11:00am Dark Matter as a Stable Sextaquark
Glennys Farrar, NYU
Fri, Apr 14 2:15pm How the Black Hole Got its Spots: Asymptotics of Three-point Coefficients in Conformal Field Theory
Alex Maloney, McGill University
Tue, Apr 18 2:30pm Precision searches for new physics using optically levitated microspheres
David Moore, Yale University
Fri, Apr 21 2:15pm How to break the electroweak symmetry naturally
Prof. Jing Shu, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Tue, Apr 25 2:30pm CP and T Violation: Challenging the Standard Model with the Belle Experiment
Alan Schwartz, University of Cincinnati
Thu, Apr 27 3:00pm Why do we need a Higgs boson in Electroweak Physics?
Rafael Coelho Lopes de Sa, Fermilab
Tue, May 2 2:30pm Lattice Field theory for Conformal Field theory on Curved Manifolds
Richard Brower, Boston University
Fri, May 5 2:15pm A cosmological B-L phase transition
Valerie Domcke, Paris Center for Cosmological Physics