Seminars & Colloquia

ACFI Seminar
Fri, Jan 30 2:15pm On the Annihilation of WIMPs
Matthew Baumgart, Carnegie Mellon University
Tue, Feb 3 2:30pm Dark Matter in the Age of Data
Matthew Buckley, Rutgers University
Fri, Feb 6 2:15pm Systematic development of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory
Michael Trott, Niels Bohr Institute
Tue, Feb 10 2:30pm New Insights into Cosmic Abundances of Matter and Related Phenomenology
Yanou Cui, Perimeter Institute
Fri, Feb 13 2:15pm Strong CP and the Up Quark Mass Revisited
Patrick Draper, University of California, Santa Barbara
Fri, Feb 20 2:15pm ​Self-interacting ​and asymmetric dark matter
Dr. Kalliopi Petraki, NIKHEF
Tue, Feb 24 2:30pm Exploring few- and many-body systems on the lattice: from dilute Fermi gases to quantum chromodynamics
Michael Endres, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fri, Feb 27 2:15pm M_n - M_p
Andre Walker-Loud, College of William and Mary
Fri, Mar 6 2:15pm Black holes and the Higgs vacuum
Ruth Gregory, Durham University
Tue, Mar 10 2:30pm Recent QCD-related results from ATLAS
Hugo Beauchemin, Tufts University
Tue, Mar 31 2:30pm Search for Vector-Like Quarks
Kevin Black, Boston University
Tue, Apr 7 2:30pm Detecting Cosmic Neutrinos with IceCube at the Earth's South Pole
Naoko Kurahashi Neilson, Drexler University
Fri, Apr 24 11:00am The Unnatural Composite Higgs
Andrew Spray, Melbourne University
Fri, Apr 24 2:15pm Future observational windows between cosmic inflation and the standard model
Prof. Stephon Alexander, Dartmouth College