Undergraduate Physics Program

Information about the undergraduate physics program at UMass:

Physics Majors Handbook
The handobook is your definitive source of information about the requirements and options for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in physics. It also  includes information about honors degrees and the physics minor.  You will also find checklists of requirements for the various degree tracks.
Integrated Concentration in Science (iCons) program
The iCons curriculum integrates scientific expertise across departments and gives students the opportunity to work on real-world problems from day one. This new program - embedded with the physics or other major - will give you collaborative learning experiences, discovery-based projects, leadership development, and multi-disciplinary analytical skills. See the iCons page or ask your advisor for more information.
Undergraduate Advisors
A listing of all advisors for undergraduate physics majors.
Undergraduate Course Catalog
A listing of all undergraduate-level courses offered by the department.
Research Opportunities
Ongoing research projects involving our majors and a list of recent honors theses.
Student Awards

Society of Physics Students
The UMass chapter of a national organization of physics students, dedicated to making the study of physics more rewarding and more fun.
Scientific Connections (RAP)
A Freshman Learning Community ("Physical Science Talented Advancement Program") with close ties to SPS. Students are housed together and get tutoring and mentoring. (Run by the UMass Residential Academic Programs office.)
Five College Astronomy Club
Get involved with at the UMass observatory. Weekly activities include observing the closest Galaxies, the most elegant nebulae, double stars, and guide through the constellations.
Science Outreach Club
The Science Outreach Club is a club of college students who can put on entertaining and educational science shows for young students in elementary and middle schools in the region.
APS Career Center
The premier electronic recruitment resource for the industry.