Seminars & Workshops

The ACFI hosts a weekly seminar series that brings researchers from around the world to present forefront research and interact with ACFI faculty, staff, and students. Informal research presentations by UMass Amherst and visitors take place in the weekly Fundamental Interactions Informal Talk.

The aim of ACFI topical workshops is to provide an opportunity for researchers from around the world to interact in a focused, short-term context to address an important open problem in the Energy, Intensity, or Cosmic frontiers as well as at their intersection. The general scope of the topical workshop is 10-20 participants who meet over a 2-5 day period at UMass Amherst, focusing on a specific problem, and formulating a plan for on-going research at the workshop conclusion.

The ACFI welcomes proposals for a topical workshop, which will be considered on a rolling basis. To submit a proposal, please contact the Director. A list of past workshops and meetings is also available.

Upcoming Workshops & Meetings

Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 9:00am


This workshop will focus on our understanding of the equation of state of dense nuclear matter by exploring the connections between terrestrial measurements of neutron skins of nuclei and astrophysical measurements of the properties of neutron stars.
The workshop is timely because of the newly completed running of the PREX-II and CREX experiments at Jefferson Lab, new data from NICER and the upcoming fourth observing run of LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA. It is now time to bring these fields together, formulate a common language and coordinate future directions in both theory and experiment, with the shared goal of understanding neutron matter, from microscopic to the macroscopic scales.