Physics Research Areas

The Physics Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst offers a breadth of outstanding research, probing the structure of matter,  fundamental symmetries and forces of nature through complementary experiments and theoretical studies. 

Condensed Matter Theory
Quantum Fluids and Solids, Soft Materials
Davidovitch  Machta  Mullin  Prokof'ev  Santangelo Sedrakyan Svistunov
Condensed Matter Experiment
Cold Quantum Systems, Soft Materials, Nanoscience
Candela  Dinsmore  Hallock  Menon  Tuominen Wang Yan
Single Molecules, Intermolecular Forces, Cells, Biomaterials, Medical Physics
Goldner  Kilfoil  Parsegian  Ross
Fundamental Interactions Experiment
ATLAS at the LHC, Quantum Chromodynamics, Fundamental Symmetries, Neutrinos, Dark Matter
Brau  Dallapiccola  Hertel  Kawall  Miskimen Pocar Willocq
Fundamental Interactions Theory
Particle Theory, Gravitation, Cosmology 
Donoghue  Draper  Golowich  Holstein  Kastor  Ramsey-Musolf  Sorbo  Traschen


On-campus centers affiliated to the Physics Department: