2009-2010 Undergraduate Research

Supervisors: B. Brau and A. Pocar
Student: Brandon Hoover
Simulations to optimize the design of a spark chamber for cosmic ray studies in an advanced undergraduate laboratory setting.
Supervisor: L. Cadonati
Student: Sebastian Fischetti
Detectability of gravitational wave signatures from the coalescence of binary black holes in LIGO.
Supervisor: L. Cadonati
Student: Keith Fratus
Identification of muon background with the boosted decision tree multivariate analysis technique in data from the BOREXINO solar neutrino detector.
Supervisor: L. Cadonati
Student: Amanda Lund
Analysis of calibration data for the BOREXINO solar neutrino, with applications to the search for 8B solar neutrinos.
Supervisor: L. Cadonati
Student: David Sliski
Study of magnetic couplings and physical environment monitors for the online characterization of data in Enhanced LIGO.
Supervisor: L. Cadonati
Student: Alex Lombardi
Online studies of seismic upconversion and data stability in the Enhanced LIGO data run.
Supervisor: L. Cadonati
Student: John Quirk
Data analysis for the BOREXINO solar neutrino detector: detector stability and pulse shape discrimination.
Supervisor: C. Dallapiccolla
Student: Colleen Treado
Investigating the prospects for discovery of black holes produced by proton-antiproton collisions at the LHC.
Supervisor: T. Dinsmore
Student: Ben Bromberg
Structure formation and interactions in charged granular media.
Supervisor: L. Goldner
Student: Robert Deegan
Investigations of the folding of cellular retinoic acid binding protein I (CRABP1) using single molecule techniques.
Supervisor: L. Goldner
Student: Alex Kiriakopoulos
Droplet fluidics for single molecule confinement.
Supervisor: B. Hallock
Student: Dylan Lovinger
(1) Measuring the leakage of helium gas though epoxy as a function of temperature (and pressure gradient) from 77K to room temp, (2) measuring the flow of liquid helium through porous materials (Vycor, packed rouge) as a function of temperature and pressure from about 1.4K to 2.2K and 1 to 24 bar, and (3) obtaining TEM images of small diameter rouge powders, one of the porous materials.
Supervisor: D. Kawall
Student: Paul Hughes
Developing stabilized lasers to observe the Hanle effect in the B[1] state of PbO cooled in a buffer gas of neon.
Supervisor: J. Machta
Student: Matt Drake
Computer simulations of surface growth models in statistical physics.
Supervisor: R. Miskimen
Students: Richard Rines, Fabian Ahmed
Development of a Field Programmable Gate Array based trigger to be used with a Solid-State photomultiplier with high speed ADC readout.
Supervisor: R. Miskimen
Student: Eric Lee
Polarized proton target for photo-nuclear experiments based on active scintillators.
Supervisor: A. Pocar, B. Brau
Student: Andy Dowd
Development of a spark chamber for an instructional lab.
Supervisor: A. Pocar
Student: Chris Dunay
Development of xenon scintillation flashers for EXO R&D.
Supervisor: A. Pocar
Student: Brandon Kyle Schmoll
Design of laboratory equipment with SolidWorks and participation in on-site operations of EXO-200.
Supervisor: A. Pocar
Student: Chris Sterpka
Detector simulations for EXO-200.
Supervisor: J. Ross
Student: Matt Mirigian
Studies of microtubule mechanics.
Supervisor: J. Ross
Student: Nathalie Fadel
Studies of microtubule mechanics.
Supervisor: J. Traschen
Student: Theodore Patrick Ansbacher-Hunt
Gravitational Tension of Black Strings in AdS.
Supervisor: J. Traschen
Student: Adam Krellenstein
Localized Kaluza-Klein masses with finite tension.