How to Obtain an @physics E-mail Account

The UMass Physics Department uses OIT email services. UMass Physics department members who are Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students are entitled to an @physics email address.

To obtain and activate your Email account you must go to the "OIT Accounts" group in room A113 in the Lederle Graduate Research Center. This room is located in the low rise building. You must have a photo ID with you at the time you activate your account. Please state that you are a member of the Physics Department so that your Email address can be:

After your account is activated you should receive a booklet entitled: "Computing and Technology at UMass Amherst", if not, request one. It contains information on:

  • What to do if you forget your password
  • Where to download Anti-virus programs
  • Location of computer classrooms
  • Where to get information on setting up dial up access
  • Help Services
  • Where to download other software (browsers, ftp, ssh etc)
  • Spire

It is a very useful booklet and it is strongly recommended that new users read it.