Access to the Physics Network

For guests

The Physics Network provides access to private resources (network servers and scientific equipment) in our department.

Most guests do not require access to these resources and only need network to connect to the internet. The UMass IT provides site-wide wireless access to the internet either through eduroam or through a guest network [UMASS]. Please, follow the instructions in the UMass IT site.

If you need access to the resources provided by the Physics Network, please submit a ticket in with topic Register New Node and inform us of the name of your host (faculty or staff) during your stay.

For members of the Physics Department

Open a ticket in with topic Register New Node.

If your machine will be itself a server for any kind of network service inside the Physics Network, please, inform that you require a fixed private IP address and a preferred hostname. Also make sure to inform us the location of your server (LGRT, LGRC, HAS, or PSB). If your machine is a scientific instrument, you will also need a fixed private IP. For wireless access, following the registration of your machine, you will be contacted with instructions on how to configure your WEP password.

Machines with public IP address are not encouraged and only in special circumstance we will provide this service. Most public network services are provided by UMass IT:

If you have any question about these services provided by UMass IT, contact