Seminars & Colloquia

Condensed Matter Seminar
Thu, Jan 26 11:30am Fingers, Toes, and Tongues: The Anatomy of Interfacial Instabilities in Viscous Fluids
Irmgard Bischofberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thu, Feb 2 11:30am Topological physics with a pair of oscillators: beyond Berry's phase via exceptional points
Prof. Jack Harris, Yale University
Thu, Feb 9 11:30am Cancelled
Prof. Markus Greiner, Harvard University
Thu, Feb 16 11:30am The Physics of Imperfect Graphene
Prof. Eva Andrei, Rutgers University
Thu, Feb 23 11:30am Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model as a Liouville Quantum Mechanics
Prof. Alex Kamenev, University of Minnesota
Thu, Mar 2 11:30am TBA
Prof. Kosmrlj Andrej, Princeton University
Thu, Mar 23 11:30am TBA
Prof. Zhe Fei, Iowa State University
Thu, Mar 30 11:30am TBA
Hillel Aharoni, University of Pennsylvania
Thu, Apr 6 11:30am TBA
Prof. Jonathan Simon, University of Chicago
Thu, Apr 13 11:30am TBA
Prof. Aashish Clerk, McGill University
Thu, Apr 20 11:30am TBA
Prof. Konrad Lehnert, University of Colorado, Boulder
Thu, Apr 27 11:30am TBA
Prof. Katia Bertoldi, Harvard University