Physics Spotlight

May 2018
Physics Spotlight

Kaori Fuyuto

Ph.D., Nagoya University., Postdoc - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kaori Fuyuto was nominated by the Physics Department due to her many talents and contributions to our UMass Amherst campus. She currently works as a Post Doctoral Research Associate for our Amherst Center for Fundamental Interactions (ACFI) group.



Where did you receive your degrees?

I received my undergraduate degree from Aichi University of Education in Japan. Then, I joined the particle physics group at Nagoya University and received a Masters and Ph.D. in Physics. During my undergraduate time, I also received teaching certificates for physics in the local junior high and high schools.


What is your research interest?

I study some mysteries that our Universe owns in terms of theoretical nuclear and high-energy physics. Specifically, my main research interest is the origin of the baryon asymmetry and flavor physics.


Why did you start to study particle physics?

When I was an undergraduate student, I joined summer school in KEK, Japan. That was where I really became interested in particle physics. I still remember being impressed with how we have the ability to research our Universe using mathematics.


Who is your advisor?

My advisor is Michael Ramsey-Musolf. When I was a graduate student, I often read his papers and never thought that one day I would join his group as a postdoc. One of our common research interests is baryon asymmetry of the Universe. We frequently discuss phenomenological aspects to verify some theoretical stories creating the asymmetry in low- and high-energy experiments.


What is your recent research activity?

At the end of March, our ACFI group had a workshop, “Testing CP-Violation for Baryogenesis”. It was my first workshop here as an organizer. Thanks to the support from both the ACFI group and university staff, we had a fruitful workshop. Huge thank you to all of the organizers for all of their help with the planning!


What is your future vision?

As one of the woman researchers, I would like to contribute to developments in theoretical nuclear and high-energy physics and encourage the younger generations.


Do you have any hobbies?

I like traveling. In Japan, there are many firework displays during the summer season and I am looking forward to seeing some of them with my 2-year-old nephew this year. I also love to drink beer on occasion! Last month, I went to the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston and tried a beer flight.