Undergraduate Advisors

Chief advisor, Contact for transfer and change-of-major students:
Prof. Tony Dinsmore, Hasbrouck 404
email: upd@physics.umass.edu
Honors Coordinator
Prof. Andrea Pocar
email: pocar@physics.umass.edu
Class of 2024:
Professors Benny Davidovitch (HAS 405B) and Verena Martinez Outschoorn (LGRT 1032) 
Class of 2023:
Professors Rory Miskimen, (PSB W108; last names A-L) and  Jun Yan (PSB W107; last names M-Z)
Class of 2022:
Professors Don Candela (PSB W112; last names A-L) and Ben Brau (LGRT 1040; last names M-Z)
Class of 2021:
Professors Andrea Pocar (PSB W110; last names A-L) and Shubha Tewari (HAS 108, last names A-L)
Class of 2020:
Professors David Kawall (LGRT 417B) and Benny Davidovitch (HAS 405B)