Undergraduate Student Awards

21st Century Leaders Award

Recognized graduating seniors who are academically accomplished and who have contributed to the university by exceptional achievement or have enhanced the campus.

2017: Ryan Boyden
2008: John Barret

Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is a prestigious, nationally competitive award for college sophomores or juniors who intend to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering.

2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Aaron Dunbrack
2007: John Barrett (Honorable Mention)

Chang Freshman Award

Presented to a member of the freshman class for academic excellence.

2013: Mitchell Negus
2012: Ryan Horton
2011: Alexander Chippendale
2010: Jason Stockwell
2009: Keaton Burns
2008: Karthik Prakhya
2008: Patrick Rogan
2007: Sebastian Fischetti
2007: Keith Fratus

Chang Transfer Student Award

For academic excellence. Presented to a student who has transferred into the Physics Department from another school.

2013: Morgan Opie
2012: Robert Cyr
2011: Kartikeya Nagendra
2010: Vinay Shah
2009: Paul Hughes
2008: Shaina Rogstad
2007: William Barnes
2007: Fjordor Isla0maj

Edward S. Chang Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Research

Continuing a lifetime of devotion to undergraduate education in Physics, Prof. Chang endowed this fund to provide research grants for UMass undergraduate Physics majors pursuing summer research projects with faculty guidance.

2018: Yihan Gao
2018: Anthony Raykh
2018: Justin Roberts
2018: Anwesha Saha
2017: Allyson Bergeron
2017: Tara Dowd
2016: Aaron Dunbrack
2016: Danny Todd

Glover Studentship Award

Awarded by the American Physical Society.

2007: Calla Cofield

Hasbrouck Scholarship Award

Presented to a current junior for academic excellence. Student must be in residence for his/her senior year.

2018: Thomas Connolly
2018: Amy Ralston
2017: Matthew Bissaillon
2017: Thomas Bogue
2017: Bela Nelson
2016: Ryan Boyden
2016: Saba Karimeddiny
2016: Jordan Kornfeld
2015: James McInerney
2015: James Tilley
2014: Brian Harvie
2014: Ryan Horton
2014: Amanda LaFauci
2013: Kyle Vanderwerf
2012: Henry Byrd
2012: Kelly Malone
2012: Morgan Opie
2011: Alexander Nemtzow
2011: Zachary Nemtzow
2011: Russell Smith
2010: Karthik Prakhya
2010: John Quirk
2010: Patrick Rogan
2009: Robert Deegan
2009: Amanda Lund
2009: Christopher Maclellan
2009: Richard Rines
2008: Keith Landry
2008: David Ouellette
2008: James Schneeloch
2007: John Barrett
2007: Matthew Gratale

Ida and Joseph Simenas Physics Scholarship

Named for Ida and Joseph, parents of Scott Simenas, UMass Physics '71, this is presented to a Physics major for displaying the qualities of hard work, resilience in the face of adversity, the ability to collaborate, and enthusiasm with a positive attitude.

2018: Michael Buckley

Kandula Sastry Undergraduate Award

To encourage and recognize outstanding undergraduates in Physics, this award is given annually to the outstanding undergraduate student in the department.

2018: Nathan Rose
2017: Jonah Chaban
2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Gautam Satishchandran
2014: Kyle Vanderwerf
2013: Ryan Horton
2012: Colleen Treado
2011: Vinay Shah
2010: Colin Jermain
2009: Sebastian Fischetti
2008: Thomas Brown
2008: Collin Lalli
2008: Peter Mistark
2008: Andrew O'Donnell
2007: Dylan Albrecht
2007: Coleman Krawczyk
2007: Scott Munro
2007: David Ouellette

LeRoy F. Cook, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Presented to a physics major with particular involvement in outreach or teaching.

2018: Olivia Comeau
2018: Anthony Englert
2017: Daniel Sanchez Rosales
2016: Jared Callaham
2015: Sean McGrath
2015: Madeline Sauleda
2014: Zachary Fox
2014: Amanda Tan
2013: Michael Cowell
2013: Thomas Ledoux
2012: Alexander Nemtzow
2012: Zachary Nemtzow
2012: Nick Wankowicz
2011: Colin Jermain
2011: Kyle Lafata
2010: David Sliski
2009: Keith Fratus
2008: Yitzhak Calm
2007: Drew von Maluski

Morton and Helen Sternheim Undergraduate Award

For excellence in educational outreach and/or teacher preparation.

2018: Jack Jenkins
2018: Aidan Philbin
2017: Teddy Kareta
2017: Alissa Roegge
2016: Anwesha Saha
2015: Dana Brown
2014: Kirsten Randle
2011: Thomas Brewer
2010: Sebastian Fischetti
2009: Yitzhak Calm

Richard Kofler's Class of 1976-1977 Scholarship

For academic excellence to a freshman or sophomore Physics major.

2018: Bridget Mack
2017: Amy Ralston
2016: Olivia Comeau
2015: Justin Archibald
2015: Wei Xie
2014: Ryan Boyden
2013: Henry Byrd
2013: Mark Lodato
2013: Kelly Malone

Rising Researcher Award

Recognized graduating seniors whose achievements exemplify the quality of research, scholarship, and creative activity in the campus.

2017: Saba Karimeddiny
2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Javier King
2013: Kelly Malone

William F. Field Alumni Scholarship

Presented to a junior in the College of Natural Sciences. Awarded for academic excellence.

2018: Thomas Connolly
2017: Liam O'Brian
2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Jose Lasalle
2015: Mitchell Negus
2012: Jamie Budynkiewicz
2012: Mark Lodato
2011: Colleen Treado
2010: Ashley Bemis
2010: John Quirk
2009: Keith Fratus

Youngren Award

Presented to an outstanding CNS student engaged in a research opportunity during the summer of his/her junior year and continuing through the senior year.

2009: Sebastian Fischetti
2008: Keith Landry