Undergraduate Student Awards

21st Century Leaders Award

Recognized graduating seniors who are academically accomplished and who have contributed to the university by exceptional achievement or have enhanced the campus.

2017: Ryan Boyden
2008: John Barret

Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is a prestigious, nationally competitive award for college sophomores or juniors who intend to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering.

2019: Zoe Kearney
2019: Kenneth Lin
2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Aaron Dunbrack
2007: John Barrett (Honorable Mention)

Chang Freshman Award

Presented to a member of the freshman class for academic excellence.

2013: Mitchell Negus
2012: Ryan Horton
2011: Alexander Chippendale
2010: Jason Stockwell
2009: Keaton Burns
2008: Karthik Prakhya
2008: Patrick Rogan
2007: Sebastian Fischetti
2007: Keith Fratus

Chang Transfer Student Award

For academic excellence. Presented to a student who has transferred into the Physics Department from another school.

2013: Morgan Opie
2012: Robert Cyr
2011: Kartikeya Nagendra
2010: Vinay Shah
2009: Paul Hughes
2008: Shaina Rogstad
2007: William Barnes
2007: Fjordor Isla0maj

CNS Senior Celebration "Chirper"

The Chirper is selected by faculty or students to give a brief, stirring or humorous speech at the annual CNS Senior Celebration.

2020: Emily Hansen
2019: Tanios Abi-Saad
2018: Mufid Alfaris
2017: Ryan Boyden
2016: Dana Brown
2015: Gutam Satishchandran
2014: Sarah Zuraw

Edward S. Chang Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Research

Continuing a lifetime of devotion to undergraduate education in Physics, Prof. Chang endowed this fund to provide research grants for UMass undergraduate Physics majors pursuing summer research projects with faculty guidance.

2020: Mykhaylo Barchuk
2020: Grace Chowdhry
2020: Ben Feinland
2020: Isaac Spivack
2019: Trevor Nelson
2019: Ben Reggio
2019: Tom Shneer
2018: Yihan Gao
2018: Anthony Raykh
2018: Justin Roberts
2018: Anwesha Saha
2017: Allyson Bergeron
2017: Tara Dowd
2016: Aaron Dunbrack
2016: Danny Todd

Glover Studentship Award

Awarded by the American Physical Society.

2007: Calla Cofield

Hasbrouck Scholarship Award

Presented to a current junior for academic excellence. Student must be in residence for his/her senior year.

2020: Mykhaylo Barchuk
2020: Jacob McConley
2020: Alexander Shilcusky
2019: Jack Mirabito
2019: Ian Murphy
2018: Thomas Connolly
2018: Amy Ralston
2017: Matthew Bissaillon
2017: Thomas Bogue
2017: Bela Nelson
2016: Ryan Boyden
2016: Saba Karimeddiny
2016: Jordan Kornfeld
2015: James McInerney
2015: James Tilley
2014: Brian Harvie
2014: Ryan Horton
2014: Amanda LaFauci
2013: Kyle Vanderwerf
2012: Henry Byrd
2012: Kelly Malone
2012: Morgan Opie
2011: Alexander Nemtzow
2011: Zachary Nemtzow
2011: Russell Smith
2010: Karthik Prakhya
2010: John Quirk
2010: Patrick Rogan
2009: Robert Deegan
2009: Amanda Lund
2009: Christopher Maclellan
2009: Richard Rines
2008: Keith Landry
2008: David Ouellette
2008: James Schneeloch
2007: John Barrett
2007: Matthew Gratale

Ida and Joseph Simenas Physics Scholarship

Named for Ida and Joseph, parents of Scott Simenas, UMass Physics '71, this scholarship is presented to a Physics major for displaying the qualities of hard work, resilience in the face of adversity, the ability to collaborate, and enthusiasm with a positive attitude. See the attached file for an inspiring biography of Ida and Joseph.

PDF icon Biography of Ida and Joseph Simenas

2020: Emma Lovett
2019: Thomas Connolly
2018: Michael Buckley

Kandula Sastry Undergraduate Award

To encourage and recognize outstanding undergraduates in Physics, this award is given annually to the outstanding undergraduate student in the department.

2020: Ben Reggio
2019: Amy Ralston
2018: Nathan Rose
2017: Jonah Chaban
2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Gautam Satishchandran
2014: Kyle Vanderwerf
2013: Ryan Horton
2012: Colleen Treado
2011: Vinay Shah
2010: Colin Jermain
2009: Sebastian Fischetti
2008: Thomas Brown
2008: Collin Lalli
2008: Peter Mistark
2008: Andrew O'Donnell
2007: Dylan Albrecht
2007: Coleman Krawczyk
2007: Scott Munro
2007: David Ouellette

Kenneth and Joan Langley Research Endowment for Future Physicists

This endowment honors Ken Langley’s love of learning and his legacy of helping students. A professor of Physics at UMass from 1966 to 2002, Ken was known for his inspiring teaching and mentoring, for his research on critical point phenomena and macromolecular diffusion, and for his innovations in measurement instrumentation. The fund provides research grants for UMass undergraduate Physics majors pursuing summer research projects with faculty guidance.

2020: Linda Oster
2020: Nicholas Popowich

LeRoy F. Cook, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Presented to a physics major with particular involvement in outreach or teaching.

2020: Anshul Bhargava
2020: Linda Oster
2019: Justin Roberts
2019: Anwesha Saha
2018: Olivia Comeau
2018: Anthony Englert
2017: Daniel Sanchez Rosales
2016: Jared Callaham
2015: Sean McGrath
2015: Madeline Sauleda
2014: Zachary Fox
2014: Amanda Tan
2013: Michael Cowell
2013: Thomas Ledoux
2012: Alexander Nemtzow
2012: Zachary Nemtzow
2012: Nick Wankowicz
2011: Colin Jermain
2011: Kyle Lafata
2010: David Sliski
2009: Keith Fratus
2008: Yitzhak Calm
2007: Drew von Maluski

Morton and Helen Sternheim Undergraduate Award

For excellence in educational outreach and/or teacher preparation.

2020: Anthony Englert
2020: Faizah Siddique
2019: Emily Hansen
2018: Jack Jenkins
2018: Aidan Philbin
2017: Teddy Kareta
2017: Alissa Roegge
2016: Anwesha Saha
2015: Dana Brown
2014: Kirsten Randle
2011: Thomas Brewer
2010: Sebastian Fischetti
2009: Yitzhak Calm

Richard Kofler's Class of 1976-1977 Scholarship

For academic excellence to a freshman or sophomore Physics major.

2020: Emily Martsen
2019: Faizah Siddique
2018: Bridget Mack
2017: Amy Ralston
2016: Olivia Comeau
2015: Justin Archibald
2015: Wei Xie
2014: Ryan Boyden
2013: Henry Byrd
2013: Mark Lodato
2013: Kelly Malone

Rising Researcher Award

Recognized graduating seniors whose achievements exemplify the quality of research, scholarship, and creative activity in the campus.

2017: Saba Karimeddiny
2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Javier King
2013: Kelly Malone

William F. Field Alumni Scholarship

Presented to a junior in the College of Natural Sciences. Awarded for academic excellence.

2019: Kenneth Lin
2019: Jack Mirabito
2018: Thomas Connolly
2017: Liam O'Brian
2016: Robert Johnston
2015: Jose Lasalle
2015: Mitchell Negus
2012: Jamie Budynkiewicz
2012: Mark Lodato
2011: Colleen Treado
2010: Ashley Bemis
2010: John Quirk
2009: Keith Fratus

Youngren Award

Presented to an outstanding CNS student engaged in a research opportunity during the summer of his/her junior year and continuing through the senior year.

2009: Sebastian Fischetti
2008: Keith Landry