Electric Dipole Moments

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Searches for permanent electric dipole moments (EDMs) provide one of the most powerful tests of time reversal invariance and associated CP-invariance. New sources of CP-violation beyond those contained in the Standard Model are needed to explain the cosmic matter-antimatter asymmetry. Present EDM search null results can constrain the mass scale of new CP-violating interactions to be at the few TeV scale or larger. The EDM topical group maintains up-to-date results from EDM searches and their theoretical interpretation.

Results & Resources

Published on:
Thursday, November 27

This review article provides an overview of electric dipole moments of nucleons, light nuclei, neutral atoms and molecules. The sensitivity of these systems to various underlying CP-violating operators is presented, along with an assessment of the theoretical uncertainties associated with atomic, hadronic, and nuclear calculations. Illustrative beyond Standard Model EDM results are reviewed, with a particular emphasis on recent work. Tables 7 and 13 provide a summary of "best" values and "reasonable ranges" for the hadronic and nuclear matrix element computations.

Published on:
Tuesday, August 12

Present constraints on the CP-violating phase and tan beta in the 2HDM having a softly-broken Z2 symmetry. Excluded regions from the present limits on the electron (light blue), neutron (light green), and 199Hg atom (red) EDMs are indicated, along with a theoretically inaccessible region (purple).

Full analysis and figures, including impact of prospective future limits and hadronic and nuclear theory uncertainties, can be found in ArXiv and journal references listed above.

Published on:
Wednesday, July 23

Results of a new global analysis of paramagnetic and diamagnetic EDM search limits in terms of low-energy effective parameters. See http://arxiv.org/abs/arXiv:1407.1064 .

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