Welcome! Our mission is to facilitate interactions between
physicists and life scientists, and to engender
physically sophisticated research on biological systems.

We ask questions such as:

What are the forces that organize nanometer-size molecules into functioning biological assemblies?

How do living organisms emerge from constructions of inanimate molecules?

We address these questions and many others through
collaborative research, graduate and undergraduate
student training, seminars, lectures, workshops,
and a visiting researcher program.

News & Announcements

Lunch and Learn! High-Resolution Micropipet Aspiration Technique to Study Lipid Bilayers

Friday, October 25, 2019 - 12:00pm

Hasbrouck Room 409

Joins us for lunch as Arash Manafirad from the Physics Department at UMass discusses a "High-Resolution Micropipet Aspiration Technique Used to Obtain New Insight into the Physical and Mechanical Properties of an Active Lipid Bilayer Membrane."  Lively discussion guaranteed!  Come to learn about this important technique, enjoy the free lunch from Atkins, and meet with biophysics enthusiasts from around campus.  Students, postdocs and faculty from all Five Colleges are welcome!

Relevant Seminars

Biophysics Seminars
Date and time varies, click for more information.

Chemical Engineering seminars
Tuesdays at 11:30 am in LGRT 201.

Chemistry Seminars
Thursdays at 11:30 in LGRT, Refreshments at 11:00 am.

Life science related seminars
Combined calendar for the graduate programs in the life sciences at UMass

MCB Colloquia
Mondays at 12:10 am in LGRT 1634

MCB Seminars
Tuesdays at 4:00 pm in Morrill II Room 222, Refreshments at 3:45 pm.

Microbiology Seminars
Thursdays at 11:30 am in Morrill IV N201

Physics Seminars & Colloquia
Wednesdays at 4:00 pm, Refreshments at 3:40 pm, check link for location.

Polymer Science and Engineering (PSE) Seminars
Fridays at 3:35 pm in Conte A110-111.

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